After debuting the glitched-out and funky OLYMPOS 01 back in May, The mysterious label gives us a peek at what’s next for its secretive project.

OLYMPOS is a Greek label founded by Konstantinos Budolas aka Bu$$ and George Peristeris aka i:diom. The imprint sets out to feature music from known and emerging artists under the chosen name of one of the 12 gods in Greek mythology. The artists dishing out these tracks will ultimately be revealed once the series comes to an end, which makes for a welcomed focused on the music instead of the artist name associated with it.

OLYMPOS’ second release, done under the moniker Apollo, is a 4-track EP that ranges from minimal to off-kilter dub techno. The A side kicks off with Ένα (Ena), a heavy minimal track that uses hypnotizing drone sounds, then moves onto Δύο (Dyo), an ambient, spacey cut with a hint of muffled acid. Τρία (Tria) starts the B side at a much more energetic pace as an explosive, asymmetrical techno bomb before closing with the dub track Τέσσερα (Tessera), a subtle yet haunting cut that builds to an entrancing climax. OLYMPOS 02 holds little back as a no-stop club record.

Another thing to look forward to is the reveal of all the participating producers in the project. Once that big announcement has been made, OLYMPOS plans to host a label showcase with all the project’s artists. It will be one party that you will surely not want to miss. But for now, can expect the EP to drop sometime in early January and can preorder it here.

Stream previews of OLYMPOS 02 below.


A1 Ένα

A2 Δύο

B1 Τρία

B2 Τέσσερα