Eight months after its last release, German label Royal Athlete will be dropping its fourth record featuring various artists next month. As the label pushes out the futuristic disco and funk sound of our age, an ’80’s music revival is in clear effect.

Royal Athlete is a Berlin-based imprint that was started in 2014 by Antoni Maiovvi and Vexkiddy. The two artists created the label as a means to release music that was true to the sound of the Hot Pony party series that they host in the Neukölln borough in the techno-heavy city. Royal Athlete has built a powerful artist roster to showcase a modern take on disco, italo, future funk, and boogie. There is also a familiar influence of wave, electro, and synth-heavy beats which seem to be prominent throughout the label’s offerings. Aside from including the work of Maiovvi and Vexkiddy, Royal Athlete has also hosted artists from all stretches of the world such as The Dreamers, Dimitri SoEmotional, Brian Ellis, Mat/Matix, Rick Wreck, Baxa, Daniel Olarte under his Fiero alias, Don Chrelli, and Heartbeat Stars.

The label’s latest muse Royal Athlete Vol. 4 features cuts from Chaconne, Kent Clark as The Real Kent Clark, Aux Tha Masterfader, and Dilemma. Chaconne’s Dreamers, the first track on the record, was initially debuted on her Soundcloud page in May 2013 as a limited, free download (currently not downloadable). Its synth-pop energy rivals its nostalgia-inducing emotion without ever sounding cliché. Clark’s Make It Right comes up next and moves right along to an upbeat, disco groove that oozes futuristic funk right down to its core. Aux Tha Masterfader’s Let’s Dance To The Beat takes the record on a stellar electro kick reminiscent of Miami in its prime “good ol’ days” while Dilemma’s Bocca Nights closes the release as a booming, out-of-this-world tune with heavenly chord progressions and a touch of cold wave funk.

Royal Athlete has set its releases with various producers/DJs to offer an array of style and dynamism with each track so that it stands out on its own while introducing up-and-coming talent. With not much else we can say, the label is planning to release Royal Athlete Vol. 5 sometime next Spring with some very special artists in mind, everything shrouded in secrecy for the time being. You can expect Vol. 4 to drop on September 11 and can preorder it here.

Stream Royal Athlete Vol. 4 in full below.


A1 Chaconne – Dreamers

A2 The Real Kent Clark – Make It Right

B1 Aux Tha Masterfader – Let’s Dance To The Beat

B2 Dilemma – Bocca Nights