After debuting with a stellar release from Pascal Hetzel, Ecotone dishes out a set of previews for his forthcoming EP on Constant Variables.

The previews come from Berlin-based project Ecotone as a 4-track EP titled Phobia. The first track on the A side, titled Fantasmagoria, features playful sequences that mix with the sweeping drums and ghostly pads to deliver a bold, punchy track. The A side continues with Arachnophobia, a wild blend of jackin’ breaks and trippy sequences that hit hard with a serious  body-moving groove. The B side starts off with monstrous cut, titled Triskaidekaphobia, that romps along to a canted rhythm, building on its mechanical blips and devilish outbursts to become an instant addiction. Coulrophobia closes the EP as a a low-key stomper, using ambient textures and tribal-esque percussion to end Phobia on a high note.

The EP is set to release on January 17.

Stream previews of Phobia below.


A1 Fantasmagoria

A2 Arachnophobia

B1 Triskaidekaphobia

B2 Coulrophobia