New German label Constant Variables will debut its first release with an EP titled Theraphosidae by artist Pascal Hetzel. This new imprint is the techno by-product of its electro-themed parent label Expansion Unit.

Expansion Unit is a Berlin-based imprint that was launched back in 2013 when it released its debut record Expansion Unit 001. The label is run by Belgian artist Sierra Sam and German artist Sven Von Thülen, who has been featured on Work Them Records. Thülen’s artistic muse covers many forms, having co-wrote the book Der Klang Der Familie which birthed an ARTE documentary telling the story of the fall of the Berlin wall and the rise of techno. It’s these strong connections to techno that make Constant Variables all the more prominent in today’s underground circuit. This new offshoot  is run by Pascal Hetzel with help from Thülen. After releasing Expansion Unit 002 two years after its initial record, it’s a nice treat to see the Constant Variables sublabel coming out with its debut EP this year.

Theraphosidae features three original cuts from Hetzel and a remix by Guadalajara-born artist Luis Flores. First up is Theraphosa, which is a staggering techno bomb with glitchy undertones, while the second, Monocentropus, relies on a rolling bass and entrancing beat to get the blood pumping. Luis Flores’ interpretation of Theraphosa turns the track upside down, morphing it into a pulsating, hysteria-inducing heater that is sure to win over dance floors. The closing track,  titled Aphonopelma, wraps up the record by bending the space between drone ambiance and experimental, showing Hetzel’s more avant-garde qualities.

If Hetzel’s contribution is any indication of the label’s musical vision, then we can expect Constant Variables’ next release in November to continue its strong techno presence. You can expect Hetzel’s EP to drop October 13 on vinyl and digital and can preorder it here.

Stream previews of Theraphosidae below.


A1. Theraphosa

A2. Monocentropus

B1. Theraphosa (Luis Flores remix)

B2. Aphonopelma