Mexican producer/DJ Luis Mora will be releasing his dark, minimal Dos EP through Moira Audio Recordings, marking the label’s forty-fifth release. This comes just over a week after announcing a “Lost Remixes compilation” due at the end of this month that is set to feature some hidden gems from the Hungarian label.

Moira Audio Recordings is a relatively new sublabel that started in 2013 and is based in the city of Budapest. The label is lead by DJ/producer Khristian K, a Hungarian artist that also runs its parent, MANDMS Music (formerly Minimal and Melodies Music). Moira has featured artists on its label such as duo DefinitelyBAD (consisting of Khristian K and Fellowtraveller aka Szilvia Farkas), Helly Larson, I. A. Bericochea, 7mirror, Borodin,, Crispin, Kristian Veron, Aleksandar Grum, and Vadim Lankov, among others.

Moira Audio has featured many talented artists and is no stranger to Luis Mora. He released Precon as the thirty-second record for Moira and delivered a lofty 11-minute track titled Ojos Claros. The Mexican artist has also released material on labels like Blaq Records, Panta Muzik, Raw Level, Innocent Music, Yarn Records, Mut Music, Ensis Black, Concepto Hipnotico, Mut Records, Moob Records, and Asymetrique Music.

He returns to Moira Audio to bring us Dos, another testament to his unique musical touch. The three-track EP relishes on the eerie, cave-like sounds of stripped-down club music. Pray For God focuses on echoing chants and a breakbeat style to build tension while Lluvia brings rolling bass to the release with an hyperactive kick for a more peak-time experience. Sonidos De Más Allá takes a different approach by incorporating ominous background noise layered with lively sub-bass and tripping, off-kilter kicks.

You can expect the EP to release in August on digital format.

Stream previews of Dos below.