Just two weeks before the release of her track Bellflowers + Unicorn through the German label KANN, Mary Yalex has surprised us with a new track called Love Is Here To Stay.

The Leipzig-based artist has released many records on her imprint Yalex Recordings since her 2012 EP, The Shimmer Of Water Pearls. Her most recent was a two-part, B-sides EP that featured five new tracks by Yalex and remixes by Weisses Licht, Bitterstrom, and David Jorre.

Love Is Here To Stay is a solid reminder of her versatile creativity and musical direction. The five-minute song is emotive and fleeting while keeping a strong, ethereal tone that can fit any club or home-listening experience. The soft chimes and warm pads truly show how Yalex focuses on bringing out the raw character in her music. Her album Beyond Borders, that released back in December 2014, supports her ability to do that very same thing.

One can hope that this is just unreleased and will see the light of day for purchase sometime soon. She has another song on her Soundcloud page titled Melting Oceans that uses the exact same artwork as Love Is Here To Stay. It would be my wild guess to assume that these two will hit her Bandcamp page for a prominent release, but that is just hopeful thinking.

You can stream Love Is Here To Stay from her Soundcloud below.