Shifting its focus from compilations, the vinyl-only Appian Sounds plans to release the 4-track EP by Irish producer/DJ o.utlier, titled Liminality EP.

This would mark their first full-artist EP since Mint 4000’s Ride On Time EP was released back in 2013. Appian Sounds is a London-based, Dublin-influenced record label that has hosted music for various artists such as Eduardo De La Calle, Slowburn, LAAK, Ney Faustini, Rob Belleville, Ethyl & Flori, Ivano Tetelepta & Steven Siwalette, Imugem Orihasam, Joey Anderson, Leonid, DJ Spider, Natan H, Life Recorder, Miltiades, Jock Burton, RDMA, Route 8, Evigt Mörker, G-Prod, Hiver, XDB, TRP, The Black Tone, Archaic Space, and S. Moreira.

o.utlier’s musical talent has been featured on labels like Soul People Music and Naïf, with the latter releasing the excellent o.utlier track For One Of The Least.

Liminality EP features o.utlier and Taro creating sounds that converge from corners of sonic bliss and warm dub for moving, ambient tracks “with stunning atmospheres for all hours listening.”

With little knowledge of the release date, all we know is that the EP will be “Coming Soon” first through Kristina Records.

Stream previews of Liminality EP below.


A1 Along The Gleaming feat. Taro

A2 Along The Gleaming feat. Taro (Reprise)

B1 Super Operator

B2 Requies