The Detroit-based label Modern Cathedrals will be releasing a split record by Altstadt Echo and Äsop on May 27. These glimpses of what’s to come will be the third release from the experimental, eluding label.

Modern Cathedrals was started in 2015 by Altstadt Echo, a Detroit native who has prominently worked with the experimental side of techno. There have been some seriously talented artists featured through the avant-garde label, such as Altstadt Echo, Terrence Dixon, Kero, Princevali, Donor, Luigi Tozzi, and Äsop.

The previews, titled 2nd Ave and Facet, give a spacious, dub techno feel with billowing drums which just reiterates the strong, forward-thinking direction that Modern Cathedrals seeks to accomplish with its releases.

You can also catch Altstadt Echo playing at an official Movement pre-Party in Detroit on April 30.

Stream the previews below.