A couple of months ago, Seventh Sign Recordings released Andrum’s Underwater EP, after an almost two-year hiatus. The Scottish label teased the title track last September through their Soundcloud page and is now set to release The Waters Of Mars EP by Dan Curtin on April 18.

There have been many top artists featured on the mysterious label, such as Brad Peterson, Santiago Salazar, Detroit-house don Terrence Parker, and Hutton Drive.

The Ohio-born, Berlin-based DJ has been creating his distinct take on house and techno for over 20 years, with material released on EPM Music, Transit, Melodymathics, Strictly Rhythm, and Mobilee. He is also featured on a monthly guest residency with France’s Radio Sensations called Underground Sensations.

The Waters Of Mars EP is nothing short of a showcase of Curtin’s raw, unadulterated talent strewn across five tracks, taking on techno and hip-hop.

You can preview the EP below and preorder it here.


A1 Tribena Planitia

A2 Dawn At Vesta

B1 The Waters Of Mars

B2 Wandering Way

B3 Wandering Way (Reprise)