Dutch label Rush Hour is hot off its tracks of just releasing Interstellar Funk’s Electric Park Square to tease some remixes for last year’s release from highly-acclaimed Korean Berliner Hun Choi, better known as Hunee.

The remixers, Mick Wills and the mysterious DJ Fett Burger, have taken on Choi’s stellar record Hunch Music and tackled Hiding The Moon and Crossroads respectively.

Mick Wills has had releases on labels such as Dekmantel, Digital Tsunami and through Phonographe Corp’s excellent Phonocasts series. DJ Fett Burger has seen releases through his very own Mongo Fett label, Klasse Wrecks, and Geography Records.

Mick Wills approaches the initial mechanical, slightly wonky demeanor of the original and teases a distant, entrancing pulse-like beat for a more straightforward sound. DJ Fett Burger changes the acid bassline and organic flow of Crossroads to fit a break-heavy, almost hip-hop rhythm that aches for a dancefloor debut.

You can preview the tracks below and preorder the 12″ here. According to their Facebook post, expect the Rush Hour release to drop sometime “soooon!!”